Rich Kids Media has sign a Memorandum of Understanding with TYGi Co, Ltd
On 05 July 2016, this is the new step of our history. Rich Kids Media has sign a Memorandum of Understanding with TYGi Co, Ltd; on the new trend of technology in Life Insurance field.
Department – TV Online
We have another department – TV Online that will bring the Entertainment, Daily News, Star’s Life, Life heck and New Technology information to the audience.

Our Target Is To Build The Quality.


Rich Kids Media is create a network of film professionals, and to provide a forum for communication, activities, education, technology, business and information in order to grow the local film arts community. Working together, with our creative members, city and state government, and other community leaders, we will present a strong and unified voice for our industry.

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RichKidsMedia Features

  • Rich Kids Media is a licensed film production in Cambodia since 2014 and offers a full range of retail and commercial media and IT services.
  • Our company aims to develop modern concepts and efficient design procedures in Cambodia by stimulating Asia, Europe and USA potentiality,in the domain of new technologies and new practical forms of Marketing, Multi-media, Technology and Communication.

Rich Kids Media is always action to others...

Our target is to build the quality of production.

Rich Kids Media is always action and we are working with our partners from any side of Asia, UK and USA. Our target is to build the quality of production and business consultant with the highest quality and creative.

What We Offers

Our Services

Media Services We produce top quality of TV Commercial Spots, Radio Spots, Wedding Proposal Videos, Create Original Songs and Melodies, Photography and Videography for all events, and Organize all kind of Events.
IT Services We offers the highest level of IT services. Our systems were designed with the customer in mind. Our quality solutions can help your business cut costs, increase productivity, and improve overall business performance.

    -Media (TV Commercials, 2D & 3D Animation)
    -Visual Effect, TV Spots, Radio Spots, and Create Concept Making, Story-board Making…

    -Movie (Movie Production and Documentary Production…)

    -Studio Photography (Indoor Photography, Outdoor Photography, Advertising, Pre-Wedding,Wedding Slide, Company profile…)
  • Maintenance Service

    -All types of Department.
    -Online consulting on all issues of system operation.

    -TRUSTED by 30 customers in Cambodia, more than any other registrar.
    -AWARD-WINNING 24/7 SUPPORT to help build your online business.

    -Human Resource Management System
    -Hotel,Hospital,Sinema,Ecommerce Management Software

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